Emma Stone – My (Relatively) New Favourite Actress

It was a brisk Wednesday evening. I remember this because, there being a recession on and all, I only ever go to the cinema when it’s Orange Wednesday. And, well, I live in London so it’s pretty much always brisk.

My friend and I finally got round to seeing a film that we’d been anticipating the release of since the trailer landed on Youtube – the film in question: Easy A.

And there she was, the most hilarious actress I’ve seen on screen since Jane Lynch. If you haven’t seen Easy A, quite frankly, sort your life out. No, I kid, it’s really not that deep, but if you have some free time and a Netflix account, watch it, it’s pretty good.

She was awesome yet again in Crazy Stupid Love and she her presence might even sway me towards watching that new Spiderman movie (I’ve already watched three of those, I really don’t get why they’re making more, but whatever).

Thus far, I’ve only witnessed Emma as a lovable comic, so I’m intrigued to view her in serious mode as Skeeter Phelan in The Help (I know, I’m super late, but that’s only because my mum has just lent me the book; once I’ve finished, I’ll be all over Netflix).

Her talent and striking-yet-approachable looks have even landed Stone a Revlon campaign as well as awards and nominations a-plenty, and something tells me there’s more yet to come…that something may be Wikipedia, telling me that a Spiderman sequel is already in the works, but I would have guessed anyhow.




Photos of Emma looking awesome courtesy of Vogue, Glamour magazine and Revlon


Flaunting The Flag

This Jubilee season, many a Briton have been displaying their patriotism in the style of Union Jack-decorated clothes and accessories, from the tops of their hats all the way down to the tips of their socks.

Now, I’m not usually a fan of flag-inspired fashion, but while out and about in London, there were a couple of red, white and blue pieces that I could see myself wearing, which, believe me, is a rarity.


This pair of denim shorts were spotted in Next (another unlikely fashion choice of mine). I feel that the overlapping effect of their sparkly take on the Union Jack works well on the denim…


…I came across this not too dissimilar pair of shorts while at Topshop, waiting for their Meadham Kirchhoff Jubilee Spectacular to commence (see post before this one for the scoop). Again, the overlapping of the flags, combined with the denim’s faded, textured effect, makes these shorts more than welcome in my wardrobe.

In general, I tend to prefer patterns of any kind on shorts rather than full-length trousers. Sure, these Union Jacks look cute now, but a couple more feet of those flags  and my wardrobe may not be so welcoming.

Last but not least, I spotted this inspired denim jacket whilst heading towards the tube station.


On its own, it probably wouldn’t exactly drive me crazy, but teamed with a mini-dress and a certain je ne sais quoi like blondie in the photo has done and suddenly I’m awash with patriotism.

Sadly, this weather is not exactly denim short-friendly and I have no idea where I would even find such an awesome denim jacket, so I guess it’s deep-blue jeans and a Union Jack-free t-shirt for me this Jubilee. Here’s to a sunny Platinum Jubilee for her majesty.

Jubilee Gone Wild at Topshop

On Friday, Topshop in Oxford Circus celebrated the queen’s Diamond Jubilee in a way that no street party probably will…unless, perhaps, you’re lucky enough to live on a street in Soho.

Extravagant and acclaimed fashion duo Meadham Kirchhoff marked the queen’s 60 years on the throne with a celebratory performance. “But, how exactly would fashion designers perform?” I hear you ask. Why, with feather fans and burlesque dancers of course.

Late in the afternoon, swarms of Topshoppers assembled into crowd-formation, both inside and along the perimeters of the flagship store. Then, shortly after 5pm, a group of women, who I can only describe as punk-rock ballroom dancers, took to the shopfloor-turned-dancefloor and let loose to the soundtrack of classic Spice Girls number Wannabe and the even more classic and surprisingly appropriate God Save The Queen.

The performance grew in its outlandishness as the regal ravers, complete with Union Jack undergarments, led us up to a saucier-than-usual shop-window display, in which mannequins were replaced with fan-dancers, surrounding the most sparkly Britannia that one ever did see. Britannia and her corset-clad crew entertained her people while seated on a cake that could have fed the whole of Britain. Well, I’ve always said that regular thrones just aren’t delicious enough.

Throughout the show, pastel pinks, pale blues and even some light greens and yellows replaced the expected red, white and blue theme as Edward Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff emblazoned the Diamond Jubilee with their own colourful stamp.

For a Jubilee celebration, it may have seemed a tad obscure to the more traditional Britons, but I’m sure Liz would have loved it. I mean, who doesn’t love a giant cake?!