The Harlem Shake?

When I first saw that #HarlemShake was trending on Twitter, I was overjoyed!

I thought “Finally! A dance that paved the way for Hip Hop dance crazes everywhere; a dance that I watched as a child and vehemently demonstrated as a teenager; a dance that has kept me warm while waiting at the bus-stop for countless winters is at long last getting the global recognition it deserves!”

And then I decided to check out one of these supposed ‘Harlem Shake’ videos, to see the modern take on this classic for myself.

“OK.” I thought, “Maybe this particular group of individuals were just going for something different, something out there. Let me check out another one.”

*long sigh*

*dramatic pause*

…..I mean, what can I really say?

I just… how did…  but, they…  just, just “no”.

After witnessing…whatever the hell it was that I just witnessed, I was understandably confused and disorientated, so I took it upon myself to do some research into just what the hell is going on.

Apparently, the routes of this phenomenon can be traced back to YouTube channel “TheSunnyCoastSkate”, operated by some skateboard enthusiasts who reside in Australia. They decided to make an extremely random video, dancing to the song ‘Harlem Shake’ by Baauer – that’s fair enough, seems like they had fun, and I actually quite like the song choice. I just wish this craze stayed down under. Way down under.

I have no problem with the idea in itself. My gripe lies in that, thanks to a serious breakdown in communication, people seem to think that what these guys were doing is the Harlem Shake. Well, it isn’t. Not even close. Like, nowhere near. They weren’t even trying to do the Harlem Shake, but I guess the lyrics “do the Harlem Shake” led people to believe otherwise.

Well, I just want to clear this up once and for all for anyone out there who’s still confused – this, and ONLY this, is the Harlem Shake:

There are some benefits, however, to this new fad. Luckily, search engines can’t tell the difference between the hip hop dance move and the insult to modern culture, meaning videos of the original Harlem Shake are gaining the millions of views they deserve. If teenagers out there get to know the true beauty of the 1980s classic through this craze, then maybe it’s worth it. Except, no. No, it’s not.

With that said, there are a couple of Harlem Shake videos that have impressed me. This one, for example, is an instant classic:

*slow clap*


Simply. Magnificent.

But, seriously, make them stop! Or call these videos something else…that’ll work too, I guess!


Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2012!

It must be tiring being Fashion – constantly being judged by eager customers and creative directors alike, being pulled off hangers and fastened on to mannequins, filling the countless pages of all our favourites glossys and dressing every single model in every single photoshoot and fashion week since the dawn of the seamstress.

So, every once in a while, Fashion needs to throw on some of it’s best work and have a night out. That’s (kind of) the premise of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, which took place last Thursday night in cities around the world from Paris to New York. I ventured out into the retail districts of London to see just how Fashion was letting loose.

My first stop – the Cath Kidston store in Covent Garden to get myself a free manicure…


Tea-based cocktails were provided by The Lawn – not usually a tea-drinker but these were more than palatable, my favourite was their take on the Long Island Ice Tea







Celebrated the final product with a (very cautiously held) glass of Rose Garden Tea Syrup


While heading off to Oxford Street in search of some more fashion-related soirées, my friend Pauline and I bagged ourselves a goody bag from Office, simply by being at the right place at the right time – gotta love Fashion’s Night Out!


After going roughly halvsies on our winnings, I added some DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, a couple of Dermalogica skin care products and a ma-hoosive Remington hair brush to my list of freebies – not bad for a completely free event.


A somewhat unlikely top fashion hotspot of the night was Marks and Spencer, who put their AW12 limited collection on show






My favourite piece was this very enthusiastically-modelled biker jacket – a classic wardrobe staple.


Walking down Oxford Street, we didn’t have time to enter every single store, but the atmosphere on the street itself was definitely buzzing.



We stopped by Topshop to see what was occurring, though unfortunately Delilah’s hotly anticipated performance clashed with my manicure appointment. You can watch a snippet below, from the sounds of it I missed out on quite a set:


I did however see this über-cool DJ chick


H&M had a pretty cool cover-style photoshoot going on…



…as well as some manicures and tattoos



Bershka got in on the festivities, with 20% off everything and balloons!


I also grabbed myself a free Galaxy Ripple bar from New Look…


…before venturing out to nearby Carnaby Street to catch the latter end of Cheap Monday’s party, a highly popular choice for the evening


While scouring Carnaby Street for more freebies, we were led by some frantically waved placards to a very exclusive viewing…


High fashion hat-line Millinery by Rosie Olivia used the perfect opportunity of Fashion’s Night Out to hold an intimate viewing of their SS13 Collection


Rosie Norman, the lovely designer behind the collection, personally made sure we all had a drink to hand while arranging her beautiful hat displays


Our last stop for the night was Hoss Intropia on Regent Street for an in-house runway show and even more free champagne. The following were my favourite pieces of the show, available here.


So in summary, I managed to bag myself a free (and ever so pretty) manicure, some fancy facial cleansing oil, half a Dermalogica skincare set, a Remington hair brush, a bar of Galaxy Ripple and a total of six free beverages, as well as attend a couple of parties and enjoy a front-row view of a runway show – perhaps the most eventful Thursday night of my life. Same time next year Vogue?!

20% of the photo credits go to the beautiful Miss Pauline Obale (also, thanks a bunch for carrying my stuff while my nails were still wet!)

It’s Time For Africa!

Over the course of the Olympics, the Motherland came to London as Kensington Gardens in Hyde Park hosted Africa Village – a showcase of African treasures and talents from Egypt down to Angola.

Across two weeks, 80,000 visitors were treated to displays of Africa’s finest art through performances and stalls alike.

Unfortunately, the village had to close a little earlier than planned. If you didn’t get a chance to visit Africa Village, these pictures should give you a taste of the cultural atmosphere.

Africa Village was organised by the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa

Some printed scarves on sale at the Cameroon stall

Some cool Cameroonian tourism posters


It’s like being at a market!

One of my favourite pieces

Some pretty Cameroonian beads

The Libya stall

On each day the Village was open, each participating country put on a series of performances. My friends and I attended on Ivory Coast day and were treated to some live Ivorian music


The Congo


Love these bags!


I could just live here!

Well, this is still a fashion blog lol. It was pretty warm so I wore a burgundy crop top from Topshop and some Levi cut-offs from Urban Outfitters. But this is still London, so I kept the wind at bay with a shirt-jacket from River Island and some tights. I completed the outfit with some colour-coordinated burgundy and grey Vans.

It was also the day of the Olympic Men’s Triathlon, which partly took place at Hyde Park, so my friends and I showed our support for Team GB with a splash of body paint. We won both the gold and the bronze medal that day. Coincidence? I think not :p

This lovely gentleman wrote my name in Arabic at the Morocco stand…

…and it just cost me a smile 🙂

Had a bit of a go myself 🙂


Wish I had this doll growing up

An array of fashion at the Nigerian stall

A Nigerian work of art

My name in Arabic has since made it to my bedroom wardrobe display. It got a tad creased and smudged in my backpack but I still love it 🙂

One Step Back: Have Backless Dresses Gone Too Far?

I don’t know about you, but i watch a lot of E! News (perhaps a tad more than is acceptable, but that’s a whole other blog post) and I’m a firm believer that nothing adds that much-needed ‘razzle dazzle’ or ‘pizzazz’ if you will to a red-carpet dress like a missing back. It epitomises the saying ‘less is more’ and adds a sultry yet classy look to most floor-grazing gowns…

…However, like most haute trends, the backless look has seeped into the high street catalogues. And while I do like a cut-out back on a casual frock now and again, I’m kind of getting tired of seeing it on almost every single dress in certain stores *coughcoughurbanoutfitterscoughforever21cough*. Not only is it sometimes just unnecessary and adds nothing to an already fabulous dress, particularly on shorter dresses, but I just find it impractical.

Call me old-fashioned (and this may stem from a bad experience I had when my stick-on bra fell off mid-university-fashion-show) but I just like to wear a regular, supportive bra – something backless dresses simply don’t allow (assuming you don’t want to look trashy). Unless I’m actually on the red carpet, I just don’t need the hassle. But that’s just me, what do you think?

backless 1

Yeah, this dress is pretty, but the cut-out back really didn’t add anything to it (available here:


Now here’s a backless dress that I’d be inclined to wear – the missing back definitely adds a sultry element (available here:


Not a fan. at all. But if you are, it’s available here:

The backless dress where it belongs – on the red carpet

I got this backless body con at Forever 21 a couple months ago. While I do love it, I’m yet to wear it since I keep opting for more practical outfits…

…or I might just cover up the open back with this denim shirt that I got in the Zara sale. I just hope it doesn’t get too warm…

Happy 1st Birthday Cath!

Over the weekend, Cath Kidston‘s St Pancras store celebrated its 1st birthday in what happens to be my favourite manner of celebration – by given away free stuff.

With every transaction over (and including) £30, customers received a pretty little Cath Kidston tote bag as well as some cake (cake alone would have been enough to get me there, but it was pretty nice of them to throw in the tote too). And so, with all this on offer, adding to the fact that there’s a sale on, I figured it was time. Time for my very first serious Cath Kidston purchase.

I’ve been an admirer from afar for quite a while now – I’ve liked them on facebook, subscribed to their newsletter and all that jazz, and I am the proud owner of a shooting stars book bag and a pair of polka dot Cath Kidston Wellies (both on sale from asos). However, I felt it was time to graduate from book bag to handbag, so I opted for an open tote bag this time around …

I decided to go for the Pinny Flowers Open Tote Bag for four reasons:

  • I do love a big bag
  • It’s ever so pretty
  • It was above £30 so it came with a free tote bag
  • It was on sale!

And I must say, it’s one of my favourite purchases to date. I haven’t used it yet because, well, it’s just too darn pretty for any old day, but I’ve styled it with various practise-outfits and will give it its official debut this Friday (“what’s happening on Friday”, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to check back on It’s Always The Beginning to find out, now won’t you?).

As for the pretty little tote bag it came with…

…I have used that. As someone who considers herself quite the tote bag collector (among other more interesting titles, I assure you), this cute floral number made a lovely addition to my generally flora-lacking collection.

Overall, I rather enjoyed Cath’s Birthday. The only regret I have – not getting there early enough for cake, but I’ll get over that…eventually.