Happy 1st Birthday Cath!

Over the weekend, Cath Kidston‘s St Pancras store celebrated its 1st birthday in what happens to be my favourite manner of celebration – by given away free stuff.

With every transaction over (and including) £30, customers received a pretty little Cath Kidston tote bag as well as some cake (cake alone would have been enough to get me there, but it was pretty nice of them to throw in the tote too). And so, with all this on offer, adding to the fact that there’s a sale on, I figured it was time. Time for my very first serious Cath Kidston purchase.

I’ve been an admirer from afar for quite a while now – I’ve liked them on facebook, subscribed to their newsletter and all that jazz, and I am the proud owner of a shooting stars book bag and a pair of polka dot Cath Kidston Wellies (both on sale from asos). However, I felt it was time to graduate from book bag to handbag, so I opted for an open tote bag this time around …

I decided to go for the Pinny Flowers Open Tote Bag for four reasons:

  • I do love a big bag
  • It’s ever so pretty
  • It was above £30 so it came with a free tote bag
  • It was on sale!

And I must say, it’s one of my favourite purchases to date. I haven’t used it yet because, well, it’s just too darn pretty for any old day, but I’ve styled it with various practise-outfits and will give it its official debut this Friday (“what’s happening on Friday”, you ask? Well, you’ll just have to check back on It’s Always The Beginning to find out, now won’t you?).

As for the pretty little tote bag it came with…

…I have used that. As someone who considers herself quite the tote bag collector (among other more interesting titles, I assure you), this cute floral number made a lovely addition to my generally flora-lacking collection.

Overall, I rather enjoyed Cath’s Birthday. The only regret I have – not getting there early enough for cake, but I’ll get over that…eventually.