The Harlem Shake?

When I first saw that #HarlemShake was trending on Twitter, I was overjoyed!

I thought “Finally! A dance that paved the way for Hip Hop dance crazes everywhere; a dance that I watched as a child and vehemently demonstrated as a teenager; a dance that has kept me warm while waiting at the bus-stop for countless winters is at long last getting the global recognition it deserves!”

And then I decided to check out one of these supposed ‘Harlem Shake’ videos, to see the modern take on this classic for myself.

“OK.” I thought, “Maybe this particular group of individuals were just going for something different, something out there. Let me check out another one.”

*long sigh*

*dramatic pause*

…..I mean, what can I really say?

I just… how did…  but, they…  just, just “no”.

After witnessing…whatever the hell it was that I just witnessed, I was understandably confused and disorientated, so I took it upon myself to do some research into just what the hell is going on.

Apparently, the routes of this phenomenon can be traced back to YouTube channel “TheSunnyCoastSkate”, operated by some skateboard enthusiasts who reside in Australia. They decided to make an extremely random video, dancing to the song ‘Harlem Shake’ by Baauer – that’s fair enough, seems like they had fun, and I actually quite like the song choice. I just wish this craze stayed down under. Way down under.

I have no problem with the idea in itself. My gripe lies in that, thanks to a serious breakdown in communication, people seem to think that what these guys were doing is the Harlem Shake. Well, it isn’t. Not even close. Like, nowhere near. They weren’t even trying to do the Harlem Shake, but I guess the lyrics “do the Harlem Shake” led people to believe otherwise.

Well, I just want to clear this up once and for all for anyone out there who’s still confused – this, and ONLY this, is the Harlem Shake:

There are some benefits, however, to this new fad. Luckily, search engines can’t tell the difference between the hip hop dance move and the insult to modern culture, meaning videos of the original Harlem Shake are gaining the millions of views they deserve. If teenagers out there get to know the true beauty of the 1980s classic through this craze, then maybe it’s worth it. Except, no. No, it’s not.

With that said, there are a couple of Harlem Shake videos that have impressed me. This one, for example, is an instant classic:

*slow clap*


Simply. Magnificent.

But, seriously, make them stop! Or call these videos something else…that’ll work too, I guess!